Mike is a singer/songwriter in the LA music scene who’s been at it for a while now. Even though he’s barely getting by, he loves doing it and lately has been grinding it out at the local bars. He loves his girlfriend Alise, yet has been feeling for a while that something is not quite clicking between them. Smaller spats have turned into some big arguments and he’s got to decide what’s most important to him- Alise or his music, a conditional choice that he's ultimately hoping to transform.


  • Director(s): Nelson Cragg
  • Genre: Drama
  • Year: 2012
  • Runtime: 12 minutes

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Screening History/Awards

• Best Soundtrack, won by Action on Film Festival, USA

• Offered Distribution by AOF

• Official selection Bel Air Film Festival

• Official selection Rome International Film Festival

• Official selection Toronto Film Festival

• Official selection Napa Sonoma Film Festival