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DIRECTOR Lola Amaria

Jingga (Hifzane Bob) is a story of 4 sightless teenagers who meet each other in their sightless world as well as a story of endless struggle of a mother to help her child finding her happiness after convicted blind permanently. Jingga’s sorrows worsening because his father Ireng (Ray Sahetapy) hardly admits that his son is now blind and depressed. Luckily, Jingga’s mother Fuscia (Keke Soeryokusumo) and his sister Violet (Meirayni) found him bloodshed and took him to the hospital. Jingga’s depression getting worse, he never speaks ever since.

Fuscia, a mother with strong hearted. She’s struggling to bring happiness back to his son’s life. Fuscia introduce Jingga to Kirmizi (Joshua D Pandelaki) , a counsellor and bring him to a special need school. Kirmizi strive to convince Jingga that being blind is not the end of the world.

In Special Need School, Jingga then met Marun (Quasar HY) , Nila (Hany Valery) , and Magenta (Aufa Assegaf) . The 3 trying hard to shows Jingga that despite their disabilities, they can still be independent. They enjoy the beautifulness of Bandung, playing music and took public transportation.

They asked Jingga to replace Bodas in their band and start preparing for musical competition.

Will Jingga be able to get through his depression and find his life spirit again?