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DIRECTOR Raditya Dika

Dika is a 28 years old writer who has just experienced a failed engagement with his ex-fiance, Andrea, who cheated on him with a guy named James. Dika’s broken heart makes it hard for him to write the last chapter in his book. One day, Dika meets Trisna, a unique girl that surprisingly changes Dika’s point of view.

As Dika spends time with Trisna, they become close. When Trisna strives to help Dika complete the last chapter of his book, she finds out about his ex-fiance Andrea and the broken heart she left behind. Still, Trisna tries to help Dika mend his broken heart.

Trisna tells Dika to take revenge on Andrea. Will Dika follow Trisna’s advice? Why is Trisna so serious about helping Dika get over his ex?