DIRECTOR Christ Oscario Pelamonia

"Taring" tells about the Dutch colonial in indonesia at the end of independence , Netherlands was one of the countries in Europe that also in the invasion by Germany at the time , so the Netherlands has state losses very high okupasi german a result , it countries in asia colonized by the dutch had been targeted to win the war and controlled in mid 40 s . In pursuit of target a lot to cover losses , so the netherlands has launched aggression agresinya to the villages isolated and terpelosok at the end of nusantara , but aggression aggressions they are often league or shakti and shrewdness of the insurgents masters in doing silent kill , but soldiers knil which time was erected dutch often overwhelmed. To overcome fear, mental and physical surfeit of an army KNIL and the netherlands hold pilot scientific weapons injected to our troops knil for missing reason and blindly in kill their enemies the guerrillas, but the chemical weapon shown a mistake that causes a kind rabies which spread from the bite, saliva and blood.Is adjie a militant leader and pieter one soldier KNIL to survive overcome attack rabies this outbreak them without any differences boys and opponents status of them.