27 Steps of May
Directed by Ravi Bharwani
Indonesia / 2018 / Drama / 112 mins / 17+ / Indonesian  

Loosely based on the mass rapes of Chinese Indonesian women during the May 1998 riots in Indonesia, this film tells the story of May (14) who was gang-raped 8 years ago. Traumatized by the event, May imprisons herself in her father’s house, blocking out all emotions by constructing a protective bubble around her. While May lives her life in silence, without contact or emotions, her father is trapped by guilt, devastated that he failed to keep her safe. With May, he is tender and gentle. He will sacrifice anything for her. But in the boxing ring, he fights to channel all his anger and guilt. After 8 years, a magician creates a small crack in May’s protective wall. He stirs May’s sense of wonder and in doing so awakens her once lost emotions. Eventually May faces her trauma and frees herself from her crippling past.

Director: Ravi Bharwani

Producer(s): Wilza Lubis, Rayya Makarim, Ravi Bharwani