Keluarga Cemara (Cemara's Family)
Directed by Yandy Laurens
Indonesia / 2018 / 110 mins / Drama / All ages / Indonesian  

Keluarga Cemara is a story about Abah (Ringgo Agus Rahman) and Emak (Nirina Zubir) with their two daughters: Euis (Zara JKT 48) and Cemara (Widuri Puteri). After a business deal gone wrong and the family has to file bankruptcy, Abah’s family must face a difficult ordeal which cannot be solved by money only. Facing odds in many front, Abah must keep his family intact and bring back the stability they used to have.

Presenting the audience with the spirit of resilience and cooperation, this is a story about how an Indonesian family facing the impossible by being kind to each other and realizing that family is the best treasure of all.

Director: Yandy Laurens

Producer(s): Anggia Kharisma, Gina S. Noer