Laut Bercerita (The Sea Speaks His Name)
Directed by Pritagita Arianegara
Indonesia / 2017 / 30 mins / Drama / 18+ / Indonesian  

One evening in March 1998 in Jakarta,  a student and activist by the name of Biru Laut is abducted by four unknown men. Beaten and blindfolded he and other political activists who have also been abducted are taken to an unknown location where they are incarcerated and tortured for months on end as their abductors try to learn who is behind the country’s student and political movements.

Meanwhile  Laut’s parents and sister, as they normally do have spent their evening preparing a meal they know that Laut will relish: goat meat in curry sauce, pickled pineapple, served with rice.  His father  sets the table: one plate for himself, one for his wife, one for Asmara, Laut’s sister, and the fourth for Laut. With the meal now on the table, the family waits. They sit and wait. But Biru Laut does not appear

Director: Pritagita Arianegara

Producer(s): Wisnu Darmawan, Gita Fara