Yowis Ben
Directed by Fajar Nugros, Bayu Skak
Indonesia / 2018 / 99 mins / Drama / 13+ / Indonesian  

Bayu (Bayu Skak) had been having a crush on Susan (Cut Meyriska) for a long time. But since he wasn't  confident with his family's financial condition, Bayu decided to bury the feeling. But Bayu's days changed since Susan sent him a voice chat to his phone, which gave him a big head, thinking that Susan gave a hint for him to approach her. Turned out that Susan was just using Bayu to help her supply pecel salads for her friends at the Students Council. Bayu was determined to transform and become more popular than Roy (Indra Wijaya), Susan's boyfriend and a well known band guitarist at their school. Bayu had an initiative to form a band with Doni (Joshua Suherman), his best friend,  Yayan (Tutus Thomson), a bedug drummer and Nando (Brandon Salim), a good looking student with a keyboard skill. They decided to name their band Yowis Ben. Turned out that it wasn't easy for Bayu and  his friends. During Yowis Ben's time in Malang's music industry, slowly but sure, separation among the members began to show.

Will Bayu be able to maintain his band and win Susan's heart?

Director(s): Fajar Nugros, Bayu Skak

Producer(s): Chand Parwez Servia, Fiaz Servia