Dapoer Kita Productions (DKP) is a professional event planning and management company based in Los Angeles, California. As a full-service production company, DKP's services include all aspects of complete event planning, entertainment & special event coordination, event promotion, artist management services, publicity control, videographer, photographer and all destination management components, such as transportation, accommodation, and logistical needs.
The name "Dapoer Kita" is derived from the Indonesian words meaning "Our Kitchen." With a team of experts in their fields, DKP prepares every customized event from scratch and deliver 5-star execution. Offering a one-of-a-kind experience, DKP pays attention to detail and works rigorously to ensure a flawless finish. Since 2011, DKP has produced a number of events and successfully assisted in numerous events from different organizations.

Endah Redjeki is the founder of DKP and a transplanted native of Indonesia who is active in the Southern California Indonesian community. She has worked with the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Los Angeles and San Francisco, The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia and the Indonesian Trade Promotion Center on a number of projects such as Wonderful Indonesia, Congress of Indonesian Diaspora, Enjoy Jakarta, Tournament of Rose Parade, etc.
The recipe for success lies in the hands of the chef. Dapoer Kita Productions helps their clients combine the right ingredients so they can smell and taste the sweet ending.

    To be the foremost event planner and organizer company with the highest standards of creativity and execution.
    Commitment to the success of an event is shown through creative innovation and successful strategies that lead to budget-friendly results.
Co-founder, Director of LAIFF (U.S.)
Endah D. Redjeki
Co-founder, Co-Director of LAIFF (Indonesia)
Roland Wiryawan
Co-founder, Director of Publicity
Siera Tamihardja
Co-founder, Director of Strategy and Partnership
Dwirana Satyavat
Sponsorship Manager
Hesti Purwaningsih
Indonesia Community Manager
Bonnie Wiryani
Design Coordinator
Agusriady Saputra
Web Developer
Ryan Akbar
Promotions Manager
Sekar Sosronegoro
Los Angeles Community Manager
Silfia Chatibus-Satari
Volunteer Coordinator
Dwi Mimba
Community Coordinator
Ashram Shahrivar
Program Coordinator
Andhika Annas Satria
Design Coordinator
John Kest
Volunteer Coordinator
Haryo Bhawiko
Promotions Coordinator
Yafi Fairuz